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These striking photographs from Joanne Warfield’s 1977 Photo Journal of Afghanistan are a valuable, cultural endowment that capture a vital time of peace and will serve to create a greater understanding of humanity. The kindness and beauty of a rugged, poetic people are reflected in these images during a time of freedom and cultural progress, when the Afghan people were living with pride and dignity, much as they had for generations.

Kabul was a bustling center of International trade and commerce in the 1970’s, a time when women held important professional positions and wore short skirts. Music rang through the streets, kites were flown and girls freely went to public schools. Joanne’s intimate portraits of the friends and strangers she met on her many travels weave her story of kindness and adventure together.

Seeing these intimate photographs make human nature tangible and become a much-needed reminder that “The Beauty of Afghanistan” can possibly be once again. Join us in this global challenge to reinstate the cultural and personal freedoms that have been lost.

“It is my goal that my photographs will serve as an example of hope and inspiration for Afghans everywhere, and open the heart of all who see them.”