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The Miraculous Love Kids

URGENT UPDATE! The girls need rescuing NOW in this dire situation. Music was a great healing force for these beautiful girls in Afghanistan since 2014 through Lanny Cordola and The Miraculous Love Kids. It has now come to a halt in the last week with the Taliban invasion, and the girls are in great danger. Show your compassion by donating what you can to help create a rescue team to get the girls to safety. https://miraculouslovekids.org/…/mlk-general-fund/donate

My heart is breaking, as I’m sure yours is, as I watch the news about the thousands of Afghans fighting for their lives. All Afghans deserve the freedoms they have grown accustomed to, yet it is the women and girls that are the most vulnerable. We cannot allow it to happen again and must do everything we can to help.

A great beacon of hope for Afghans comes from the work of Lanny Cordola, a rock guitarist, songwriter, and producer from California who was healing Afghan children with music since 2014. In 2012 Lanny visited Afghanistan and was deeply moved to help the refugee and homeless children there. He moved to Kabul and has been working with youth ever since. In 2014 he established The Miraculous Love Kids, a non-profit 501c3, whose aim has been to teach guitar to the war-traumatized, poverty-stricken children—particularly girls, who have little-to-no rights, are often forced into marriage, and face the most extreme forms of violence. Lanny’s wonderful Miraculous Love Kids work was created around the premise that “it shouldn’t hurt to be a child.” His work has “miraculously” transformed the lives of many children and given them hope. Most are girls, and MLK has helped get them off the street and into school. Girl With a Guitar came out of this work and both programs have directly impacted close to 100 street kids since 2015. Lanny wants to “use music as a portal to another life.” Through goodwill fundraising initiatives, a secure and safe environment was created for street girls entering The Miraculous Love Kids program and has been incredibly lifesaving.


You can help, and your generous tax-deductible donation of any size will make a difference in these girls’ lives who are now in a very precarious position since the sweeping takeover by the Taliban just in the last week. Donations will provide clean water, food, clothes, shelter, and medicine. Now is a very critical time.


There is so much wonderful music on the site, so please explore. This one is from 2020 when Lanny gathered members The Miraculous Love Kids along with members of Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Go-Go’s, Bangles, Runaways, and many more to create a new single and video of SWEET DREAMS.  Have your heart opened wide while you listen and watch this beautiful rendition.

Explore the wonderful site for more music by well-known musicians such as Brian Wilson, Tom Morello, Vicki Valentine, and Sammy Hagar, who have worked with The Miraculous Love Kids and created music together.



I’m glad music makes the children feel love and mercy.
That’s what music is all about: making you feel happy!
Brian Wilson


My photo-memoir called MODERN NOMAD: Into the Heart of the Silk Road, Afghanistan 1977 is close to its final completion in early 2022. Travel with me, a Modern Nomad, as I journey into this exotic land during a time of peace in 1977 where I meet tribal elders and soulful people from across the land and am granted a rare opportunity to photograph Kuchi Tribal women and children in their stunningly ornamented dresses. Read about my adventures into the wild outskirts of town, over the Kyber Pass for a “men only” Buzkashi match, and my unexpected journey to Bamiyan is an extraordinary tale to share.

These are rare experiences full of heart, mystery, intrigue, and insight. My 80-plus heart-opening photographs and fascinating stories are a lasting testament that serve to humanize our perception of all peoples throughout the world. These are my gifts of history that I want to share with the world.

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In Peace,
Joanne Warfield

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