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Into the Heart of the Silk Road

I am excited to share with you pre-publication news about my upcoming book of photographs and stories, Modern Nomad: Into the Heart of the Silk Road, Afghanistan 1977. It traces my footsteps to Afghanistan and how the journey began, wonderful meetings with Afghan people—from sophisticated to tribal—as well as my ventures into “forbidden” territories on the outskirts of Kabul and how I was protected by good fortune.
Something fortuitous recently occurred: I found a “treasure” box from my journey that I hadn’t seen in all these many years. It had been temporarily hiding—until now. I discovered old correspondence from Afghans I met and notes with important details I had forgotten. It’s been truly meaningful to weave these pieces of the story together.

As I relive my unforgettable time there, my heart is opened with empathy for a country and people who have been ravaged by 40 years of war. I hope my photographs taken during that time of peace will uplift Afghans and inspire all who see them.

I am projecting a 2025 release date for the first edition of the book, which I will personally sign. Visit the book page here, and to receive news and publication notice, please sign my mailing list.

I very much appreciate you being an important part of sharing my story and spreading the word to help uplift humanity.

In Peace,


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