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The Miraculous Love Kids

URGENT UPDATE! The girls need rescuing NOW in this dire situation. Music was a great healing force for these beautiful girls in Afghanistan since 2014 through Lanny Cordola and The Miraculous Love Kids. It has now come to a halt in the last week with the Taliban invasion, and the girls are in great danger. Show your compassion by donating what you can to help create a rescue team to get the girls to safety. https://miraculouslovekids.org/…/mlk-general-fund/donate

My heart is breaking, as I’m sure yours is, as I watch the news about the thousands of Afghans fighting for their lives. All Afghans deserve the freedoms they have grown accustomed to, yet it is the women and girls that are the most vulnerable. We cannot allow it to happen again and must do everything we can to help.

A great beacon of hope for Afghans comes from the work of Lanny Cordola, a rock guitarist, songwriter, and producer from California who was healing Afghan children with music since 2014. In 2012 Lanny visited Afghanistan and was deeply moved to help the refugee and homeless children there. He moved to Kabul and has been working with youth ever since. READ MORE

The Mystery of Kohl

Egypt 3500 BC to the present

As I revisit the photographs I took of the tailor’s family for my upcoming book, Modern Nomad: Into the Heart of the Silk Road, Afghanistan 1977, kohl captivated my imagination, since all the women of the tailor’s family wore kohl, including the baby (photo above.) The ancient “eyeliner” was used as medicine, beauty, and for protection against the “evil eye.”  I had to know more….READ MORE

The Evolving Tale

The evolving tale of Modern Nomad: Into the Silk Road, Afghanistan 1977

Recently I’ve discovered that the world of self-publishing can become like a Camel Caravan headed out into the vast unknown, with constantly shifting sands of possibilities. It is a fascinating adventure, but no small feat. Though not quite to the point of becoming a Marco Polo of self-publishing, I’m deep into exploring this new and wonderful terrain and am excited by what’s to come.READ MORE