Book — The Beauty of Afghanistan
Photographs and a story of a journey to Afghanistan in 1977, by Joanne Warfield.
afghanistan,bamiyan,silk road,kabul,buzkashi,kuchi
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Travel with Joanne, a Modern Nomad, as she journeys to this exotic land during a time of peace. She meets tribal elders and soulful people from across the land, is granted a rare opportunity to photograph Kuchi Tribal women and children in their stunningly ornamented dresses, and goes to the wild outskirts of town for a “men only” Buzkashi match. These are rare experiences that are full of heart, mystery, intrigue, and insight—Joanne’s gift of history she wants to share with the world. You won’t want to miss it!


These 80 heart-opening photographs and fascinating stories are a lasting testament that serve to humanize our perception of all peoples throughout the world

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