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Reflecting back to a time of peace Bringing hope to the present

A Photo Journal • 1977

These striking photographs from Joanne Warfield’s 1977 Photo Journal of Afghanistan are a valuable, cultural endowment that capture a vital time of peace and will serve to create a greater understanding of humanity. The kindness and beauty of a rugged, poetic people are reflected in these images during a time of freedom and cultural progress, when the Afghan people were living with pride and dignity, much as they had for generations. (More…)

It is my hope that these photographs will serve as an example of inspiration and encouragement for Afghans everywhere, as well open the hearts of all who see them. —Joanne Warfield


My goal is to create a global awareness of Afghanistan and its people during a time of flourishing and peace. The 80-some photographs, from my 1977 journey there, reflect a time now long gone, when the Afghan people lived with pride and dignity, much as they had for generations. I hope these images will open your hearts to see the Afghans as I did — a kind, poetic people. [read more…]


Kabul was a bustling center of international trade and commerce when I visited Afghanistan in 1977, a time now gone, with the country engulfed in decades of war. The kindness and beauty of these rugged, poetic people are revealed in my photographs and reflect decades of cultural progress, peace, and a stability that I hope will be once again.

Your tax-deductible contributions will help prepare the photographs for museum exhibitions where the public can gain deeper insight into the true heart of the Afghan people through the intimate portraits of friends and strangers I met there. My goal is that these images will also provide inspiration for Afghans everywhere and give them strength, courage, and hope for a renewed future.

This my Gift of History, and my hope is that my photographs will bring bring a global understanding of the value of every culture whose loss would make our world a bleaker place. Let’s not let this happen. Every donation large and small will help. Together we can make a world of difference.

Thank you for your support!

When a culture is extinguished, it is like a galaxy in our universe dying. The world becomes a darkened, achromatic place from the loss of that uniqueness. Let’s not let that happen. —Joanne Warfield